I Am A Blessed Teacher

I felt so blessed this day well actually not just this day, but starting the first school day in school. I am not an education graduate nor have the educational degree. Who would have thought that I will in time be a teacher. When I was little I never had thought to be a teacher or maybe being one is my least choice in life. But hey look where and what am I right now? Funny because my friends keep on laughing out loud when I tell them that hey I am a teacher. I understand their reaction because I am one of the bullies in school, I don't listen to teacher in classroom discussion. I really never have thought I will be one in time. I felt so blessed because my students love me so much, everyone says that I am their favorite teacher because I am funny and odd (: whenever they hug me and say ILOVEYOU teacher I just felt like maybe this is the right job for me since I love to learn and share my knowledge... I so thank HIM because of my profession. I so LOVE being a teacher (: PROUTO BE ONE
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Pardon the gramatical errors. Android predict a text...:) you get the point.

I don't think you're reading right Kate. I this.ks she is saying.ge she now understands and appreciates the values and the and rewards as a teacher that perhaps she she hadn't as a student.<br />
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Keep the good attitude, continue the educational persuit vhon..you'll do just fine.

wow...PrettyOldSoul I like your words of wisdom(: It helps me a lot (: Now I know am doing just fine.. thank you so so so much (: ... about grammatical errors don't mind it (: it's fine (: