I hate "adults" sometimes. Yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to take my kids outside for recess. There were several other classes out there. Specifically, three groups of kindergarteners, one group of first graders and four other teachers. The one guy that we have was over in a fenced off field playing football with some of the boys and the other teachers we gathered over by the swings. I joined them and pretended to listen to them talk for a while before I eventually drifted off so I could keep a better eye on my kids.

Then this happened: a kindergartner who likes me for whatever reason fell, scrapped her knee and ran over to me in tears and grabbed my hand. Her sister, one of my students, came over in tears too saying she bumped her head. The male teacher who had been playing foot ball got frustrated with something and walked away from the field. Two of the teachers disappeared and the third was trailing behind them before I managed to ask her if she could get a bandaid for Ifeomma, the kindergartner. The 8 boys who had been abandoned ran over to me to ask if they could still play football even through their "teacher" had left. ( He hadn't even bothered to take the football from them, so in theory they could have just gone on and kept playing but they're sweethearts and wanted to make sure they had permission.) The other 60 + kids were on the playground and I was the only adult out there. I did a little chant we do to get their attention and had them line up. As soon as I had them lined up a father of one of our boys came up and I just thanked god I had the presence of mind to get them in a line before something happened. One of the teachers returned with the bandaids and the other two who had disappeared came trailing behind her apparently oblivious that they had left their kids alone, unsupervised. I had all four classes walk back inside the gym. Meanwhile, parents are picking them out of the line, two kindergartners need to step to the side to help each other tie their shoes, one of my boys fell down and hit his knee and I'm trying not to snap at someone.

When I brought it up at the end of the day, they looked at me like I was being a over dramatic. I don't think the guy has any clue that he did anything wrong and the best suggestion our director had was to have at least two people outside at a time so that one can handle emergencies if anything happens. How about you can't just leave your entire class unsupervised? How about you stay with your kids? How about you let someone know if you're going to run into the building really quickly to get your clipboard or whatever--the-**** was going on. I'm pissed just writing about this again.

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I think some people honestly don't accept that bad things could happen to them, even things unintended, sudden, and unlikely.