I Got The Job!!!!

Woohoo!!!!   It finally happened, I've been hired for the job of my dreams!!!!   You see, i was working as an elementary teacher, but left that job to move closer to my family.  So I've been substitute teaching this year and working hard to achieve my goal as a full time (and fully paid) classroom teacher. It's been a rough patch (as they say in australia)--I've used a third of my retirement savings on living expenses, i've rented  basement bedroom and am sharing a kitchen and a bathroom, I have been on a really tight budget and have been studying for the teacher's test that i have to pass, to teach in Utah. I have sacrificed a lot. it's been tough. I kept applying for part time jobs, but never got one. Eventually, I worked enough to get into a position in which they needed a long time substitute teacher, to finish out the school year. So now my income has increased and administrators started noticing the work i was doing it. they kept saying, i was doing a great job. I love it, so it's easy for me. So one thing led to another, i had an interview-which went very well. So then i was offered the job. OH, HAPPY DAY!!!!!   My life story does have a happy ending. As soon as i sign the contract, I'm going to get my own place.  Oh, I can hardly wait! Yeah!!!! 
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WONDERFUL! You put in the work and the time; you had the patience; you sacrificed to be closer to your family (highly admirable); you gave the blood / sweat / tears--and you succeeded!!<br />
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Just now, I am waiting on an offer to come through from a very good university in the Middle East. I am an English Language professor. Interview, etc. all went very well, so I now I am nervously waiting on the university provost to formally offer me the position. <br />
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Wish me luck, and again JOB WELL DONE!!

Good luck to you! Let me know when you offerd the position.

Hi, wanted to let you know I got the offer and it's well within my expectations. Thanks for asking and all the best. Nice to have a good day for a change. :)

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I am glad your wonderful talents were noticed. Good for you in your persistence, which has paid off. Hard work & talent & dedication. Great combinations! Again, congratulations!

thank you for reading my story and your very kind comments.

Your story was well worth reading, and it was an inspiration to me!

Congratulations!Hope it all works out for you.<br />
Don't think I'd do well teaching myself.I get along really well with kids,but I'm just not good at keeping order