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One of the things I love about my job, and I am sure all teachers can relate, is when a student "gets it". I used to teach English, and I loved when I could help students become better writers. Now that I teach elementary pe, when my students "get it" it is completely different than in the classroom.
This week we are practicing throwing and catching the frisbee. You would think every kid would know how to do it, but there are so many kids at my school that don't know how to do so many things that most of us take for granted. I believe it's because so many parents aren't playing with their kids in the back yard and teaching them basic skills.
Yesterday I was working with this little girl and teaching her how to throw the frisbee. She was throwing it up in the air, and it would pretty much come straight back to her. When she finally threw it straight, she got the biggest smile on her face that stayed there for a couple of minutes. It was awesome and the pride she felt was incredible. A few minutes later she says to me, "How do you know how to do all the things you teach us?" It was so cute.
So my days consist moments like these, and I am thankful for them! Teaching a child something new is priceless.
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that is one sweet story...so wish there are more teachers like you who are patient and understanding to the needs of children as individuals...take care and keep spreading the smiles :)

thank you, I have the utmost respect for the elementary classroom teacher, I don't think I could do it-

sorry...I didnt get you...what do you think you couldnt do?

teach in an elementary classroom all day. Middle school or high school, yeah, but not grade school. I teach pe so even if they are naughty, they are gone in 45 mins. haha

Hehe...I get you now...I am thinking of my own school days back then...yup, we were naughty...lol
Do you encourage parents to get more involved with their kids when you have the opportunity? Did you do that with your own kids?

I try, but our school is low income and most parents are working all the time and the kids suffer unfortunately. We have a lot of "needy" kids, they don't get enough attention at home, so they really love the staff. Yeah, I am way involved with my kids, my son is very smart but lazy(he is in high school) so I constantly have to stay on him about his grades and homework. He does sports, thank goodness for that because it keeps him busy and out of trouble! :)

Awww I can understand...wish kids would always get the attentions they deserved at home...I did miss my dad as he was working always...but my mum and sis more than covered up :)

what sport does he play?
you sound like a really caring and wonderful mother and person...nice to interact with you :)

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I can relate. I was a substitute in a kindergarten class and this little girl finally figured out adding. Her face just lit up. I will never forget that face.

ahh kindergartners. Gotta love em. haha so cute but they are little animals. lol

Not being a teacher, I don't have a LOT of those moments, but being a parent and grandparent, I have had a few. My favourite was when my grandson was 9 and having a hard time with math. He hated it and I couldn't make him see that it could be fun, if he let it. Then I taught him the magic of 9. He got it. He loved it, and looked for patterns with all of the rest of the numbers too. From then on, he never had a problem with math. He went through all high school with math as his highest mark.

That's very cool. Yes we parents have a lot of those moments too. I have yet to have any with grandkids, don't have any yet, but that will be wonderful!