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I was walking down the hall and I was in jeans and not the school pants :| . Then this teacher who I admit is quiet cute and young comes by and he looks at my jeans and he says to me "you know that in school you can't wear jeans" and I just said "I know". Then he told me to wait besides him so he can give me detention. So I was mad because I started my day with detention fabulous. Then a student in 11th comes by him and said " hi Mr.______ I had fun yesterday in your detention." then she giggles and he blushed. The he realized I was there and my look on my face was beyond shocked. Then when she finally noticed she said" I mean bad a terrible time in your detention and my mo. Is very mad" and then she left with the face of regret. Then Mr.____ looked at me and said you k ow I think your such a nice person I will let you off the hook". Then I finally traumatized of what happen I was walking and then I saw the 11 th grade student and him kissing. My face was beyond shoked. Then they saw me and I went running to my home room still shoked of what happened. HELP ME WHAT SHOULD I DO I AM IN A CRISIS!!!!????????
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You have two options, you can be reactive or proactive. The other girls may be having "fun" in his detention, but one day he might run into someone who doesn't want to have "fun." If you would like to wait until that happens, that's fine and you can be a support for whomever it may be. Or you can report it and prevent this from happening. You are in a difficult position because if you report it, more than likely, they'll know it was you since you saw them kissing and who knows what will happen then. <br />
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SOMETHING TO CONSIDER WHEN MAKING YOUR DECISION: it's the end of the school year, this is when schools higher and fire. If he is not tenured, this will be a quick sweep under the rug if the school finds out and fire him. If he is tenured this will be a little more difficult, but since you saw it with your own eyes and it's not a "he said, she said" situation it will work in your favors. <br />
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Good luck and I'm sorry you had to see teachers in that light.

Thanks for you're supportive comment but I think I'm not going to report and just pretend this never happened