When A Teacher Has No Hope For A Job...

What does that teacher do? I graduated in 2010, with my bachelors in elementary education, and got my license about a month after that. A year later, I received my license in a neighboring state (moving in hopes of finding work because there were no jobs available for fresh-out-of-college teachers in my area). So far, to date....I've had emails from 45 school systems in two states, saying the same thing: "Thank you for your consideration in the available position. We have filled the opening." Or something along those lines. All I see is "We don't want you." I taught home school for 4 years, worked as a substitute teacher for 3 years, and interned for a year in a public school so that I could graduate. I did everything right. I even scored so high on my PRAXIS that I received state level commendations. Some of my curricula was published thru the university. I've spoken on behalf of state representatives. Yet, when it comes time to apply, I am beaten to the punch by a person 20 years younger than me, with no experience in the classroom. The only place I can find work is in fast food! I'm a bachelor holding, licensed educator who takes orders and makes french fries. Wow, what a future!!!!

I am through asking "Why?" I know why. I accept it. I'm old. Even though it is illegal to not hire someone on the basis of age, it still goes on everywhere. I'm not stupid. I here by give up. Throwing the towel, because only an insane person would try to keep trying, only to receive more "We don't want you" responses.

Good luck and blessings to anyone trying to make it in this world. I hope for your sake you are young, beautiful, and that you know people who can help you get a foot in the door. I'm moving on.
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One of my degrees is elementary education but I have never taught in a typical educational environment. I know it is frustrating but have you considered working as a substitute teacher or possibly as a tutor so that you can get your foot in the door? We are seeing a lot of schools consolidated in my state and unemployment keeps going up and more people leave the area every day. I hope that you are able to find a job teaching in your area.

I am a teacher myself.I teach Economics and Business Studies at College level.A colleague of mine who had turned 65 was shown the door the other day.He had been teaching for 15 years and had an enviable track record.His replacement is a lady, 22,with 6 months of teaching experience.<br />
He was told his annual teaching contract cannot be extended any further because he is too old.A teacher too old at 65,when he is trim and fit.<br />
This is how it is everywhere.I teach my students that there are laws that protect workers against unfair in-discrimination,be it age,gender etc.Reason for them to have a laugh at this.I am truly sorry to hear you suffering the same fate.

You're going to have to move from whatever area you're in. Most schools love teachers with life experience and a bit of age. <br />
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Sounds like you could be in Pennsylvania or another education robbed state. I know I got ousted of a job at a few school that "filled the position" by filling the position they mean they didn't have the funds to hire anyone and forced the remaining staff to lose prep periods and take 9/9 periods as classes. Keep in mind it's not only *you* that is at work here. There are a lot of funds being slashed from education across the nation. <br />
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I'm going to go out west to try and find a job.