Tutoring Via The Ipad

I have said that life has kicked my *** many times. However, one thing I have learned is those people that help you up when you are down are your true friends. Many people do not have such friends. I have five.

One texted me and then called me. I have known this man since sixth grade. We graduated high school together and were in college together. I have my own tutoring business and we live five hours from each other. His daughter was having problems with chemistry and he asked if I could help.

I asked if he had an iPad and he said he did. We set it up so that we could use the Face time app so I could help his daughter.

The problems dealt with scientific notation, volume, mass and density. She was able to show me the problems in the book and I was able to write on a paper and explain how to do the problems. She understood and was able to complete her homework with confidence.

It is so great to teach somebody that wants to learn. Helping out a great friend in the process makes it sweeter.
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1 Response Aug 31, 2012

It's great technology made it easier for you to be able to help a friend and teach at the same time :-)