I Am A Teacher - And I Love Every Minute Of It

I am a teacher. I teach preschool. I have been teaching for the last five years and I wonder, I did not start teaching earlier. I had worked since I was 17. in a bank, in an MNC, in small companies.

I teach the young ones. the tree year olds. They have become the loves of my life. They make me feel young and they love me unconditionally.

I enjoy playing with them. I am there to comfort them and hold their hands. I build not only their knowledge, but their emotional feelings as well. They enter my classroom as crying kids but leave my classroom as confident young kids, who love to come to school at the end of the school year.

These little ones have brought some much joy into my life. They have taught me to trust and love again. When I am down, all I have to do is to look at them and then I know I am in heaven. God has brought me to their world and they give me peace, happiness and joy.
Shanshanty10 Shanshanty10
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1 Response Sep 5, 2012

I hate to say this but as a teachet you should read over your post because there are a few errors