Aren't Teachers Just Glorified Babysitters?

Read this to the end... it's sarcastic!

Teachers' hefty salaries are driving up taxes, causing recession, and so we have to take the money from elsewhere because of these greedy teachers, their massive salaries are a drain on society, and they only work for what? 9 or 10 months a year!

It's time we put thing in perspective and pay them for what they do - babysit! Surely we can get that for minimum wage?

That's right. Let's give them £6.00 an hour and only for the hours they worked; not any of that silly planning time, holiday pay, pensions, etc, or any time they spend before or after school. It's only child minding after all....

That would be £39.00 a day (7:45 AM to 3:00 PM with 45 minutes off for lunch and planning, that equals 6 1/2 hours work per day).

We should privatise the schools, and the teachers, we'll pay it. Each parent should pay £39 a day for these teachers to baby-sit their children. Now how many students do they teach in a day? Maybe 30? So that's £39.00 x 30 = £1,170.00 a day. However, remember they only work 180 days a year!!! I am not going to pay them for any vacations.

LET'S SEE.... That's £1,170 X 180 days = £210,600 per year. (Hold on, somethings wrong here! My calculator must need new batteries).

What about those special education teachers and the ones with Master's degrees who've been doing it for years? Well, we could pay them a little more (£7.75 an hour), and just to be fair to them, let's round it off to £8.00 an hour. That would be £8 X 6 1/2 hours X 30 children X 180 days = £280,800 per year. Wait a minute, someone's messing with my calculator -- there's something wrong here!

There sure is:
The average teacher's salary (nationwide figures from Sept 2011) is just over £30,000. So £30,000 divided by 180 days = £166.66 per day divided by 30 students = £5.55 per day divided by 6.5 hours = £0.85 per hour per student.

Which is a very inexpensive baby-sitter and they even EDUCATE our kids! WHAT A DEAL!!!!

Heaven forbid we take into account the rights of all workers (holiday pay, pensions, etc) or highly qualified teachers and heads...
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We are currently founding a new organization. This is a society of "preppers", "survivalists" etc.... We are currently seeking professionals in the education industry as we are lacking in this area.

Teaching is such a rewarding job. They put up with a lot of crap but still continue to do what's in the best interest if the child. Often times they bring work home with them and forfeit time with their families. Kids now a days are so disrespectful and there is not anything that teachers can do except hope that the child will see the errors of their way. I for one have hope for the future and out children. In my class I teach the value of respecting yourself, others, and the

You know what makes me even more depressed? The deductions panel on my payslip... 1k gone before I've even open the annoying little slip :/


Do love my job though and can't imagine doing anything else :D

I know the feeling! I miss being a TA!

The more we pay teachers, the more those jobs will attract the best and brightest among us, and thus the kids will be better off. Why do people so undervalue those charged with caring for and teaching that which most precious to us, our children?

Your guess is as good as mine. Teaching is very rewarding, but a hell of a lot of hard work.

Wow, I'd just love to get that 45 minutes for lunch!

Yup. Been there, done that.

What's 'lunch'?