The School Of Today's World

* Has to have a comprehensive understanding of learning difficulties and the ability to implement learning programmes based on each child's learning style.

* Has to comprehend the dynamics of bullying and extensively counteract those dynamics wherever they occur.

* Has to be up to date with technology and the optimum ways to use it, without in any way losing or diminishing the skills of literacy and personal expression.

* Has to be accessible to and accountable to parents in every way, from the top of the chain of command down to every aspect of the classroom learning environment.

* Has to insist on the highest possible standards and qualifications of its staff.

* Has to be a unit working together as a team.

* Has to have authority in the broadest sense of the word.
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We are currently founding a new organization. This is a society of "preppers", "survivalists" etc.... We are currently seeking professionals in the education industry as we are lacking in this area.