I Am a Kindergarten Teacher

I teach Kindergarten at a primary school in Virginia.  I am just days away from finishing my first year.  I used to be a Special Education Instructional assistant, but this year has been so life-changing for me. I feel like my whole life is school.  The job exhausts me, but I love it overall. I have also made a very good friend-- a fellow K teacher-- which makes it easy to go to work each day.  I have an inclusive class, so I have Special Ed students in my class.  This is unusual for a 1st year teacher, but I think they gave me this class because I have experience with SpEd.  Either way, I love it. 

Would love to hear from other teachers... what you teach, how the experience for you, how misunderstood you are by most of society.  That is one of my pet peeves-- that people always think my job is easy just because I teach Kindergarten.  They have no idea.

I am 29 years old & hope to keep teaching for many years to come.  I also want to stay in Kindergarten because I love it!

BY the way, Libby is not my real name-- but it comes from my middle name-- so here I will be...

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If your kindergarten students are running around do you:
a) run after them
b) shout for the class' attention
c) make some noise like bang on the desk or blackboard to get their attention
d) sit quietly until they stop running
e) sit quietly and make use of that time in doing something personal
f) run around with the students
g) leave the class

How do you handle noisy and rowdy kids?

What advice can you give for a teacher whose kindergarten class consists of naughty, loud and boisterous kids?

I'm not a teacher yet but it's what I hope to be. I want to teacher younger kids, around kindergarden maybe =]

I trained back in 1970's......worked for a while, poured everything into my classes.....burned out......didn't have balance. Later went to Japan to work for 6 years.....best teaching experience ever because the parents actually realise how hard you work for their children. Then came back to Australia.....hate the cheeky kids and the backbiting staff in schools now......do private tuition teaching children literacy skills....irony...they are kids the school system missed....nothing wrong with the kids like the parents have been told.<br />
Find your passion,,,,,,Kindy is the best for job satisfaction.....remember to nurture yourself with outside activities YOU love and you will always have plenty to give the kids.<br />
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Remember to fill your own bucket....you cant give if its empty.<br />
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Go to the movies, have night out with the girls, have a massage, go to a spa with the girls (maybe a group from school so you all benefit) and ALWAYS go away for each holiday break......even if you are tired.....it will refresh you more than staying home.<br />
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Good luck and bless you for your time and energy for the kids

I taught in a high school for four years...four stressful years...It was hard for me to stop thinking about work even on my vacation. Eventually I decided to quit my job. It was not like being a teacher sucks. It is just...it is not a career(or a job) that everyone can handle. So happy to know you enjoy your work. Keep on the good work.

Hi! I use to teach Martial Arts for about 8 years and I've taught snowboarding the last two winters, plus swimming last summer. Teaching really is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had, however I truly understand what you mean when you say you feel drained from the job. Everyone always thinks all you do is play games with the kids and that teaching is the easiest job ever...they have no idea. Even I didn't think much of teaching until I experienced it first hand...However you are very lucky to find something you love, we should all be just as lucky! For what it's worth, enjoy what you do, and the whole experience of teaching, but don't let it be all you do. That happened to me and I burned out, teaching was all I ever did, never went out with friends, spent very little time with family...and I got to a point where I no longer had that happy feeling about going to teach everyday, it became going to "work" each day. Try to keep a balance between all the important things in your life and I'm sure you'll continue to enjoy teaching for many years. Good Luck on all your school years to come!