Get Me Outta Here!

I have been a teacher for thirteen years. Here's what I don't like: my principal and her buddies treating everyone like a five year old, getting yelled at by my principal in private or public, no one ever responding to the panic button in my room (especially that time a 200 lb boy was trying to strangle another boy), metal detectors the kids walk through every day even though they aren't plugged in, teachers who say things like "She don't" and "Where that be at?", parents who think it's ok if Johnny threw twenty rolls of toilet paper in the corner and lit it on fire ("school didn't burn down, did it?"), and the "security guards," one of whom was arrested and found guilty of molesting a student. These experiences are from different schools, and different school systems. The only thing that keeps me going are the kids, and they need the help.

annaban annaban
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1 Response Oct 29, 2008

OMG where do you teach?