Will You Have Your Job Next School Year?

I've been teaching in the beautiful sunshine state now for five years. Not long to some but I think it's been awhile. I enjoy what I do. Sure some days are hectic but some days are just lots of fun. I am not sure how tenure works in other states but here in beautiful Florida after three years of teaching you are given a professional contract that is if you stay in the same county. After three years of teaching I relocated to a different county because I moved. Well I just found out tonight that the possibility of me having my job next year is not likely. The budget is so bad that they are getting rid of most annual year contracts in my county. So the likelyhood for employment is gone. I am beyond upset especially since my family can't survive on one income. I feel so bad for everyone that is going to go through this. I don't know how it is in any other state but here in Florida cuts are happening to teachers like you wouldn't believe.

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3 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Most states are going to merit pay which eliminates tenure. There is no job security. Your students must past state tests. So say we both teach second grade. My kid's are a little "backwards," not really ready for second grade. Your kid's are ready. So they pass the tests. I bring my kids up 8 points which is a tremendous achievement. However I lose my job & you keep yours. Despite all my hard work it goes unrecognised because my kid's did not pass the test. In fact I'm castigated for this. Now what I want to know is how my first year ESL kid's going to pass these tests when they can't even spell cat? You get 3 years to clean up your act or you're history. What will happen to us teachers who don't teach gifted and talented kids? Is this principal going to chery pick who gets what kids? It's supposed to inspire competition. What it will really do is pit teachers against each other. Good bye cooperation. The union will be gone. In Florida you can stay tenured (without a union) but your salary will remain the same as it is at the time merit pay beginxs. Whereas success on this test thing is supposed to pay out a bonus for three thousand dollars. What this means is that you will lose all creativity in the classroom. It's going to be drill and kill. You'll be teaching to the test because you want to keep your job. The kids will know they have have you over a barrel. How are you going to discipline them when they can say you did anything to them and there's no tenure & no union to aid you. Tenure was invented for equality among qualities. It was put in place so that no maniacal principal could affect any teacher's job on a whim. You may be doing the most terrific job but if the principal plays golf with a friend who's son is just out of school & in need of a teaching job' it's aloha on the string guitar for your job. Also teaching is not testing. So many timportant material will go by the wayside because your job depends on these tests. Your kid's will never get the benefit of learning the full spectrum of what you teach. Mel

I just got laid off two days ago. Here in Washington State, they project that 5,000 teachers will get laid off....everyone says "chin up" but people don't understand that it's not that easy. I'm upset too, because my income is the ONLY income to support my family. Let's hope that they hire us back.

So far I think I'm Lucky. They School board has expressed that they will not be getting rid of any departments, and since the only other person in my Department is Moving to another part of the state after getting married this summer, I will be the only one left in my Department. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!