Now I Enjoy Being a Teacher!

I've been a teacher for 9 years now: 3 in Primary School, 1 in a Middle School and 3 (still counting) in a High School, where I teach history and literature. I didn't dream of becoming a teacher, when I was a child, but somehow, I've found myself to be one. The begininnigs were quite bad, I didn't enjoy my experience at Primary School-Not because of the kids, or of the colleagues: I loathed the endless and purposeless staff meeting we had to attend every week, the useless bureaucracy. The relationship with the families wasn't always fine, because most of them used to think they could criticize or even give unasked advice on our work. Now I teach in a High School and I like it, even if it's very hard because most of my pupils (aged 16-20) have no interest whatsoever in school and studies-most of them are so-called 'troublemakers'. But every day makes a new, challenging experience,  because I feel I'm doing something useful and valuable whenever I happen to have them discuss, or get interested in a topic. The pay is low, the work is hard, but I love being a teacher!

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

That would be a great goal to reach! At the moment, I could say it has made a difference for me. As for the kids... time will say.

Thank you. You make a difference everyday.