For Lauraislovely :)

Right now, I'm working for a private company in Indonesia which manages department stores, supermarkets and bookstores. We cater to many foreign customers who speak English so that is where I come in.

I train the employees to communicate in and use English to further their service to the customers.

My students are Indonesians, so I don't have variety in terms of nationalities. They are in their twenties to fifties. They are hard working people but of course there are some who don't see training and learning as part of their work. Overall though, Indonesian's niceties stand and they don't give me troubles.

Like my previous group of students, who were teenagers taking extra classes, these people come in a variety pack of personalities. Mostly naughty. LOL.

They like to laugh and joke which fit my way of teaching tremendously. I like to use a lot of speculation inducing questions to get them to speak and with their curious and fun nature, it works really well.

I work with a low level of competency here which can be boring compared to my previous group but I'm digging the challenge of finding methods to make things easier for them and yet still pushing them to the limit. It's good fun!

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No problem, LiL. I love having you in my circle, too.

Yes, I am :)

not well travelled at all, milady. not like the duchess anyway. <br />
<br />
i really love reading and learning.<br />
<br />
so i studied german out of curiosity and this is the same way that I shall do the others.<br />
<br />
love<br />

You're well traveled - that's why you're multilingual :)<br />
<br />
But yes, I am not fair. Never was. LOL.

not fair lady june.<br />
<br />
i am english speaking and I speak a second national language viz. Afrikaans. <br />
<br />
in c1986 I did a pre university course in German which entitles me to do university level German. I am rusty now, though<br />
<br />
next targets<br />
french<br />
spanish<br />
portuguese<br />
chinese - rudimentary level of course<br />
maybe arabic<br />
or russian<br />
definitely greek.<br />
some african languages<br />
xhosa/zulu/n. sotho<br />
swahili<br />
ibu<br />
<br />
b<br />
<br />
these are for no particulary purpose

I agree that it's not easy to do. Usually it takes travel and the life or death situation to make English speaking people want to learn other language :)

Each has its own fun, I think tOs... Adults can have this defeatism that can be frustrating but then again, it's very rewarding when you can break such feelings in them.

And back at you, koyptakh! :)

Hi June1999<br />
the joy of teaching is unknown to many teachers. Not you though. Respect!<br />

Which is why I'm still around Paco :)

Bookstores too, that's up your alley isn't it. :-)paco35

Hahahahahahahahaha.. CarbonHeart, do you know that I am the most impatient soul in the world? My students laugh at me whenever I go Grrrr... LOL.<br />
<br />
I wish everybody could know the joy of teaching, I really do. It makes all the other problem one's having seem so small.

This show's so much about you!<br />
I on the other hand could not be much of a teacher. I was once asked to teach a class on computer use but declined because when it comes to teaching about how to use computers I kind of am impatient.<br />
<br />
Thank you for your story. It's wonderful to see people helping in this way!

Thanks yukonpete, it's mostly the students' miracle :)

I think its awesome that you view your job with such a positive outlook

I'm greedy for fun. I'll take it anywhere I can find it! :)<br />
<br />
It's not easy - in fact I've been complaining about my job a lot but when I get down to it, planning my lesson, considering which activities would be perfect... that is pure fun.

I envy you finding your work fun and challenging.<br />
<br />
My work is certainly challenging but fun it's not!