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Grading can be such a chore sometimes. Today though, I read an awesome essay! It talked about the importance of going out of your way to take care of other people. The student who wrote it used lots of personal examples of times he'd helped people, and times he didn't. One that really stood out for me was when he bought a homeless man groceries. A year later, the student hurt his foot and couldn't work, and a shopkeeper who had seen him do that (unbenownst to the student) gave him a gift certificate to a store and a note that said "What goes around comes around." I know it sounds cheesy, but I love that things like this can happen in real life. I feel like it's rare for a student essay to have such a strong voice and strong message. It was a nice surprise to find it in my stack today. It really got me thinking.
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2 Responses Oct 28, 2007

Great story!

Wow, this is awesome! I wish I could have read the essay... and that example is really inspiring! :o Thank you for sharing! :)