I Dont Know What To Think.

Honestly, i hate reading awkard stories sometimes. Because i feel a little uncomfortable with over personal information on the internet, but i need some commentary on my current situation.  i would trully appreciate it.

Im a young new teacher, and have just finished my first year teaching in middle school.  I tend to work with the special needs for learning groups but with inclusion situations, that keep me with other teachers and their classrooms all day.  Well, the other day as i was doing my rounds though one classroom i started noticing strange behaviors in a particular young boy.  He is not in the group that i must concentrate but i make it a point to test students on the teacher's lecture on randomly. 

When i approched this young man he was apprehencive, which is expected from the rural children in my city, but there was something more.  He looked at me with a type of superiority at first. and answered the questions correctly.  I thought nothing of it, since most of the children take sometime to warm up to the idea of me being in the classrooms. Next time i did the same, he shunned me directly, answered the questions, and then preceeded to try to humilate me to his four friends, whom are of considerably less intellect.

I started noticing his behavior from afar, and realized that he has a controlling attitude towards his friends, passes this class, but by conning another little boy, whom has less social skills to do the work. this made me wonder, how can a boy with obviouse intellect or clear learning skills but with no real enthusiasm to learn be passing. well he is barely passing all his classes, and easily passing the standardized tests. okay. so there's nothing wrong,....i thought,

last week, we passed in the halls, and i saw him loffing around, asking him to hurry back to class.  He then preceeded to remark that i have no right to tell him what to do, and looked at me with a look that i can only describe as cold, and sexual.

i pretended it not bother me and called him into his classroom by highering my voice and letting him know that i am an authority figure.

But i just cant pretend, the look he gave me really made me feel uncomfortable and scared.  I dont know if im letting the overanalitical side of my psychological studies take over my natural logic, but i think he has sociopathic tendencies. 

What am i supposed to do without proof?  or should i just let it sit for a while.  I know that sociopaths will usually not even be llegally diagnosed untill 18 , which by then its been too late for at least one victim, but im scared if i tell the counselors they will force me to make a formal complaint.  I dont want my personal information on display to his parents,

i dont know what to do.

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Keep observing this child and keep a private running record. The behaviours he is exhibiting are typical of someone with Asperger's Syndrome. People with this condition might have average or above average intelligence but do not read social situations properly. There are excellent books on the market about Asperger's. His behaviour should be discussed with the staff to make them aware and start a process of consideration about the child's particular issues. For example, he might not see the point of a particular lesson and be quite rude about it. This should not be misunderstood. Appropriate strategies can be developed to help Aspergers children cope, and to minimize the amount of disruption and upset their inappropriate reactions can cause.