I Am A Teacher

Now there's a statement that even three years ago - had I heard it spoken of me, I would have replied 'no'.  But I am a teacher, whether I realised or not at the time.  I have been studying for the past three years to get my teaching qualifications and now have a matter of months to go till I finish up completely!

It is now, going back into my reflective practice - of which I am currently evaluating - how long I have been in this game.  I don't mind telling you, I feel pretty old at this moment.  I have spent just under half my life in the teaching profession, and met a child - that at the time of meeting her was 8 years old, and is now a teacher herself and in her early twenty's!!  Where on earth did the time go??

I never realised what I difference I made to so many lives, and used to shrug it off when children would approach me and tell me I was always their favourite teacher.  Some of them are at high school, and have told me of their fond memories they have of me and their time with me.  I once answered a question on another site 'why do you get up each day'?  I replied, because each and everyday I know I will make a difference in some child's life - no matter how big or small, I make a difference.  For me that's what teaching is all about.  I'm not perfect, and god knows I've made plenty of mistakes - but to know that I will be remembered for good things / thoughts years to come, from our next generation, and probably a generation or two after that makes it all worth while..even if the pay is crap.

I am a teacher - nice to meet you.

Kind words may be small and simple to speak, but their echo's are truly endless 

- Mother Teresa



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Congrats for taking up a noble profession! Teachers can and do make a difference in children's lives. I heard my sister-in-law, also a teacher, state a while back that if she can just get one kid in her classes to get turned on by the subject it has made her year worth while.