Even At Work...

I luv to be a tease to some of my clients.

Had a cute guy come in for a styling today. This guy is totally metro but is so sexxy that all the girls… and some of the guys… just melt when he comes in. I was in that kind of mood and decided I would tease him. I thought about what I could do beyond the normal flirting this time and came to the decision that I would unbutton my blouse a few extra buttons and give him a look at the bra. Then I decide to go a little further, thanks to a friend’s inspiration. So I ran into the bathroom before his appointment, take off my blouse and bra, then put the top back on and leave the top buttons undone so he can get a good look underneath. I go back to my chair and stash the bra in my purse just as he walks up with a big grin on his face. We say hello, make a little small talk and I make sure to put my hands on my hips so the blouse opens up to show him what I’m not wearing. As he heads over to get his hair washed, I can already feel myself becoming wet over the thought of him having his way with me. My gf in the chair next to mine comes over and calls me a tease. I play innocent and ask her what she’s talking about and she points down at my chest, saying my boobs are about to pop out. He comes back a few minutes later, his hair slicked back and wet… I feel tingly. He sits in the chair and I start to run my fingers thru his hair, only this time I do it a little more slowly than normal and a little longer. I made sure to look into his eyes in the mirror the whole time I was asking him about how he wanted his hair done. After a few minutes, I move to the counter to get my things. Yes, I bent over so he could get a look at my *** and most likely the black thong I had on. What can I say… I’m a huge slutty tease. I start cutting and we talk as usual about his job and other things. Usually when I work, my boobs will press against a client… it’s always innocent… they just get in the way. This time I made sure to linger a little longer. I made sure that for this haircut, I would keep my body against his for as long as I could. That meant my boobs would always be touching his back, or shoulder. When I would stand in front of him, I made sure to reach a little further than normal so he could get a real good view down my shirt. I’m not sure what he saw, but just the thought had me sooo excited. A few times I made sure that I had my crotch touching his elbow or his hand that was resting on the armrest. Once I was done, I ran my fingers thru his hair again and pressing my chest against the back of his head and working it in between my boobs. I went in front of him to look and bent forward to trim the hairs and caught him looking down my blouse and wondered if he happened to see a nipple or two. I moved closer to give him a better look and pressed my crotch against his leg. If I could have gotten away with it, I would have started to grind myself against him. I knew I was wet and would have done anything to feel his c**k in me at that point. I did one more pass of his hair with my fingers, making sure to push myself against him one last time before brushing him off… just wish I could’ve brushed off his crotch – stupid cape!

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great story

the sexiest hair cut of all time! i don't know how you managed to keep your clothes on

I really need a trim.... Ive always imagined it was just me, but I guess you ladies do tease sometimes during a cut.... my dentist does that to me all the time, but thats another story.....


I would luv to hear about that!

(D; when we can talk Ill share.....

I never thought that getting a hair cut was sexy , until now ! wow! i would love that kind of personal attention ! you are so very naughty ! luv your style babe ! oh yeah !

I wish I lived in LA, or at least jump in for a haircut...

Wow, you write so very well, I felt as though I were him sitting in that chair and you have me so aroused I'm out of my mind.

Thank you!

Any time sweetie

wonderful story.
it explains some of the hairdresser's secrets...mmmmmmm

How else do you think we get those tips?

oh, you wicked devil!!!

OK, I am good and hard now! Thanks

anytime hon ;)

I soo love this story and need the address of the shop so I can get my hair done!! Did he leave a good tip!? Lol

Great story, stranger!! ;-)

wow ... i need to get my hair cut at your place ;-)

Lol make me an appt please lol I need a haircut :)

you are a sexxy little devil, aren't you. it'd be a pleasure to get a hair cut from you, beautiful :)

Schedule an appt and I'll make sure to wear something special... any requests?

the outfit in your story sounds great. were you were a sexy skirt to show off your legs?

Low rise jeans and boots today.

mmm that makes sense, it being wintertime. do you ever shave a man's head, or do you only cut hair with scissors?

Use both, but the guys dont usually get head shaved

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Very hot!