I Can't Help It....

if I know a guy is staring at me while I am writing something I will start performing ******** on my pen, or run my pen along my cleavage. I don't know why but I like seeing them squirm.
randomdriftwood randomdriftwood
22-25, F
7 Responses Jul 6, 2007

OMG, my kinda girl!! Mind telling me in general where you might be located? I'm wondering if there's any chance we're near each other. Of course, on EP that seems to never be the case.

i would love to stare at you baby!

Thank you for being a tease. Never NEVER let anyone take that away from you. It should be one of the fun things about being female. You might have to be sneakier as you get older, but so-what. A little sneakiness never hurt anyone. Some guys can't handle other guys looking at or wanting their girls. They are insecure fools. Hell, I even think a guy is foolish for wanting a girl to be exclusive to his bed...how can she grow sexually without experiencing diffeent men. But, thanks for being a sexy little tease. Hope you come back here and tease us all some more.

Such a great idea.

It is nice to be teased as well

sure makes those meetings more interesting!

and we like watching you tease us - thanks for the thrills!