Me Baby

heh this is funny. i was actually thinking of writing this one myself last night, luckily i came across it. teasing, yep. must admit that i am pretty easy, ha. but i do like to titilate a little. its mild at first. no one will really notice, but give me time. it may just start with giggling and holding out a bit too long when they try to kiss you. i wont tell you about the progressions. but hey. who doesnt want to be wanted?
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2 Responses Jul 6, 2007

i have to admit that i too flirt and tease to a degree. it's part of courtship/dating. it's natural. it has nothing to do with playing games - i don't think so anyway. i don't know too many men who think flirting is playing games either ... there's something to be said for waiting a while ... even if it is a bit longer than some would like. men actually appreciate this ... so i've been told - by men.

It means so much more when its not a game, haven't you just seen someone and made eye contact and ,Bham, games needed, again honesty is important here, what do you want a relationship or one night of bliss? but truly in my experience the one night was never as good as the relationship... decissions....