The thing about the weekends is that my parent love to have a get together you'd think people would be tired of grilling but they aren't and people show up all the time.

Yesterday my parent woke me up around the usual time to set the table and food. The weather was hot though it was early in the morning putting my feet in the pool as it was so cold but nice. After setting up i ran up to put my bikini on maybe ill work out and do some laps around the pool before it get overrun by children.

Taking a few laps i got out while dad was cleaning the grill, headed over to have small talk on who was coming of course we never know whose coming people show up and people don't but at the end of the day we all had fun. I giggled as i said i know i always do. Dad chops my head telling me to behave cause he already knows what i had in mind always saying like mother like daughter.

Innocently giggling as i denied knowing what he was talking about, giving me a dirty look and says sure if you say so as he ask me to scrub the grill for a minute as he check if the tank is full. Scrubbing and Scratching as i feel the heat from the grill actually breaking a sweat. He surprisingly get behind me and pull on my bottom which grind between my slit, letting out a small moan.

Biting my lower lip as he says you gonna behave right, i told him fine as he smack my butt and tell me to go help mom. Walked away sticking my tongue out. People started to slowly come over.During swiming time i went up to my room to remove the padding off my top and bottom.

Stood infront of the mirror in my white with pink,blue, and green polka dotted bikini i could see a little of my brown areola shivering with my nips popping up then looking down at my bottom there was nothing to see. Headed back down and joined everyone.

Jumped in the pool with everyone as we played pool games, after awhile everyone was tired we all just floated around chatting. I hopped out of the pool and sat on the floor with my feet in the pool. Some came to talk to me i thought here was my chance.

Slightly opening my legs as i look down seeing that my bottom stuck to my skin from swimming, Looking close enough you could see the slit of my kitty as if i had a cameltoe or something being a white bottom with my tan skin it was very visible plus my top with hard nips.

Chatting with the guys about school i notice non were making eye contact they must be looking at something else. One of my cute girl cousin ran out and ask if i wanted to share a popsicle and it was my favorite one to the Banana flavor breaking the 2 stick in half i told her if she can run and get me a napkin.

Holding the popsicle in my hand as i tell the guys noting in the world taste better then a banana flavor popsicle on a hot day like this. Putting it in my mouth i sudden had a thought, i pulled it out and licked at it from bottom to top as they just watched. Licking and sucking around the tip as i moan a little how good it taste. Asking them if they wanna see a cool trick, without answer they just nodded i put the whole popsicle in my mouth and slowly pulled it out. Telling them i could put the whole thing in kool huh?

Speechless as all they could do was nod, Mom shout out lunch time. Everyone sat at there cordinated table adult,teens and kids.

Sitting at the teens table we all have fun and talk about boys and about girls but it wasn't enough for me. Grabbed the hotdog by itself as i inserted in my mouth making a sucking gesture as i bit into it. Seeing some of the guys look and purposely getting ketchup on my fingers as i stick my tongue out to lick it off clean.

Dad walks by and ask us if we wanted more food, turning my head to him with the hotdog hanging out of my mouth i smiled and shook my head left and right with the hotdog wobbling around my mouth to mess with him. He chopped my head as everyone laughed, blushing a little as i knew what his chop was for i stopped and behaved.

Aunt brought out a huge ice cream sundae to every table, i mean it was huge, it had Vanilla,Chocolate,Cherries,Whip cream, banana, and m&m's. Aunt shouted out now eat it all and be piggies.

I dug my spoon in to scoop some as it tasted delicious, One of the guys that sat next to me was like Nin there banana too your favorite. Smiling as i tried to grab the banana with a spoon (EPIC FAIL EVER), couldn't so i took it out with my hand. It was half a banana as i bit into it with melted choco on it. It was heaven.

Grabbing another one as this time i sucked the cream and choco off it since it was dripping on my chest and my thighs that i had to run in the house to get napkin cause all the people use napkin (so many tree died in the process).

My Teasing didn't end there, This experience is becoming to long and other part will be posted on my EP blog.
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wicked girl!

Great story! So you like to tease :)

quite amusing sometimes