Guilty. I love to tease, tempt and all that goes with it. But I am loyal as they come with the man in my life. So be warned, I am ONLY a tease!
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that quality of yours just makes you so much more wanted...and the fact that I cant have you, stokes my desires for to be teased by you ;)

feel free to tease me to your heart's content, sweetie :)

Tease me, tease me, tease me... <3

Better than nothing....ha ha ha...

I accept these terms and conditions. Where do I sign? :)

Can I add you to my friend list Thanking you in advance

I adore your open and honest answers. You are amazing I would say

You're sweet. Thank you!

You are most welcome and I feel privledged to chat with you at times. One day maybe we can have a little more indepth chat. Thank you

I love the upfront honesty you have! I think most woman love to tease and flirt, and this is fabulous. I work with some very beautiful women who love to tease me all day, because they know I blush so easily, but they also know that I am fiercely loyal to my wife. They know its teasing and I know its teasing and flirting. Often they will call my wife (as they have been friends for years) just to joke about it. It is all done in fun, and my wife gets the benefit of their teasing.

Yes , i second the bit about the wife getting the benefit!!

Your teasing is music to my loins

Gets the blood flowing

Hehe.... yeah teasing is an art...!

This is a tease. I have tried to add you to my circle without success. I would love to catch up with you. I still have all the photos you sent me of yourself. Would be delightful to hear from you.


If you are Charlotte I say "Hi" if not just " Hello" any case nice to get to know you.

Hello, I know you.

That's very upfront and honest...happy teasing,,lol :))