My Sitter

My sitter is my grandma, or our neighbor. Sometimes when mom has to go somewhere quick she lets my sister who is 2 years younger than me sit me. My sister is bigger and stronger than me and she makes me do stuff. She is not allowed to spank me. I have delayed development because I was a premature birth so I am really small for my age. I wear all girls size clothes.
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Your sister is not allowed to spank you ? Sound like your other sitters are allowed to do that. Are your spanked by your grandma and neigbor ?

For what ? Did they spank by hand or using some implement ?

aww I fell for you I still get spanked too

my boys are 14 and 16 they are given bare bottom otk spankings by their sitter if they have bad behavior.

Brittnyann99, I'm also spanked, pls add me?

We have 3 different sitters for the boys. One was our nanny when the boys were little but she now has a new full time job so is not available any more. The other 2 are relatively new and are very good both boys like them. My younger son, Braden was recently spanked for refusing to go to bed. Then after she spanked him he refused to take a shower so she put him in the tub and washed him herself. Braden told me he was very embarrassed when she was washing him but he knew if he did not cooperate she would spank him again.

I generally do not spank again but my husband was upset with Braden so the next morning after breakfast he pulled down Bradens PJs and spanked him by hand, It was a long spanking and Braden's bottom was very sore and red.

Sounds like quite an abusive household...

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