Ok so I got pregnant at 13 by my 15 year old boyfriend .i was too scared to tell my mom (my father died) . I had unprotected sex but now I'm happy to have my daughter and she's no mistake though I have to work hard and live on my own as my mom sent me as she couldn't keep me and my child. The father of the baby helps me and loves me but we are still not marries, by the way I'm 15 now. I work as a partimer and attend school and look after my daughter and look after her father and our home. We both work hard and want a bright future for our daughter . Yaah but it all was very hard and I'm telling you that you shouldn't get pregnant as a teenager as there can be many problems with you and your child and it's very hard you have to give all your life to them and you can't enjoy the fun stuff like teenagers anymore and you need to be more responsible and mature. Best of luck to all teenage mother!
Samantha289 Samantha289
18-21, F
Aug 21, 2014