17yr Old Mommy.

My name is ashley, I'm 17 and have a two month old little boy named Brayden. I'm currently a single mom, with no financial or emotional support from my sons father,  Doing this completely alone is so hard, and not knowing if i'll have enough money for his diapers or formulas until the week of is hard as well. I feel bad that i can give my son the life he deserves, but i try my best everyday, because i dont want to become that sterotypical teen mom everyone thinks i'll become. (: my son is my everything, and i'd do anything for him <3 I'm so happy i found somewhere to talk to other people who know what im going through!

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Hey,I understand what your going thru it gets really hard at times,but you just need to remeber everything you do is for your baby! I'm 17 and I have twins that are almost 9 months old,if you ever need someone to talk to just MSG me <br />
= )

Hey, I'm just posting to say I know how hard it is and I know how tough it is. I just want you to know that as the child of a single mother your boy will aways love you, and more for having to work so hard for him. Even when he becomes a teenager and says 'mom i hate you' and 'get out of my face' know that nothing can take away the love between mother and child. <br />
Best of Luck! I know you'll do well.

Hi, my name is Keisha. I am 17 with a 16 month old baby girl name Leilah who I love with all my heart. I understand how you don't want to be that sterotypical teen mom. I strive to be the best for my daughter. I'm not a single teen mom but I can understand how hard it is wanting to give your child the best. If you ever need someone to talk to I would be happy to listen. Especially since those first few months are the most exhausting.Best of Luck ~Keisha

hi sunshine, i cant think how hard it must be for you, going through all this alone, i take my hat of to you girl. if you ever find the time to chat! look me up, im here most nights. xxx keith.