Overcoming The Worst


My name is Keisha. I'm 17 with a beautiful 16 month old girl named Leilah. I never thought I was the kind of girl that would be a teen mom. I was the straight A student that was quiet and seemed like a good girl. Now that I realise it no one actually really knew me except Jake my boyfriend. I've gone through alot in my life which I know led me to where I am today. I have been molested twice by a uncle and then a aunt when I was 6 til I was 8. When I was 13 I started a relationship with a guy that was 5yrs older. Then I was raped when I was 14 so my then older boyfriend didnt want me anymore because of the rape. All of that caused me to want to be a new me when I started High school. When I met Jake everything changed for the better. He was everything I ever wanted in a guy. We loved each other and became sexually active. Then we found out I was pregnant and we had been using condoms. The condom slipped one time. We told our family they were supportive and everyone was happy. Then 8 weeks into my pregnancy I miscarried. Jake and me were devastated. We both were depressed and wanted the baby. My parents put me on birth control as soon as possible so they wouldn't have to go through that again. Then 2 months later after I had my iud inserted I found out I was pregnant again. The docter discovered at some point that my iud had fallen out and was input incorrectly. I didn't want to pregnant at first because I had been through som much already. The farther I got along in my pregnancy the more attached I got to my daughter.  When she was born March 18th 2009 I was overjoyed. Now i'm still with my boyfriend Jake going on 3 yrs now. We live together and we're raising our daughter together. I know I'm not the typical teen mom and my story isn't the typical story. I've learned alot from my experiences and I am a better person. I hope to make friends on here and share advice with other teen moms.

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Wow,you've been thru alot but you sound like a great mom! I'm 17 and I have twins that are almost 9 months old! MSG me anytime you want to talk