Standing Up

I live in a very small town and have lived here almost my whole live.
Everyone knows something about you and word get around fast.
When I found out I was 6 months along in my pregnancy word
spread like wildfire at my high school
I went and got an ultra-sound and was amazed to find out I would
have a baby girl in 3 months
So many questions popped up in my head that it was hard keeping
track of them all
How am I going to tell my parents? What are they going to do? When
should I tell them? How is my boyfriend going to react? Is the baby healthy?
Keeping her? Give her up for adoption?
My friend dropped me off at my house and I walked in to find my Mom and Dad
sitting in the kitchen
I handed them the ultra sound pictures.. at first they were furious and then they cried
and gave me a hug.
This was only the beginning of my troubles
My other half of my family are very... pushy. They saw adoption as the ONLY choice.
I felt certainly different, but after the 4th family meeting.. I lost hope of keeping my daughter.
3 months later I was induced on July 5th
I came in dilated 4 cm and an hour later I was a 10 cm
My labor was only 30 minutes!
Everybody was amazed by me, because me being 18 they predicted
for my labor to be 14 - 24 hours.
At 10:42 AM my beautiful daughter was born and laid onto my lap
My heart was filled with such overwhelming love, it was the most amazing
feeling I've ever felt.
I remember I began to cry because I knew the fate of my daughter.
Soon a case worker came in to talk to me.
Little did I know then that she would be the woman who saved me.
It was a long 3 days at the hospital, but the case worker gave me
the strength to stand up to my family and make my own decision.
I kept my daughter and named her Ellie Marie
My relationship with my Mom and Dad have grown so much
My mother looks at me and talks to me with respect and so does my
She is now a month old
I am going to college this year to be a NICU nurse.
I feel so blessed and I would go threw it all again for my Ellie Marie,
I swear I would.
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are you with the dad

Ellie is a beautiful name! I have a 6 month old son named John,congrats on the baby MSG me sometime! : )