Frist Time...

I never thought you can get preganat on the frist time. I thought that only happens in movies.
but it did it happened to me. I was 14 when i got pregnant turning 15 in a couple of weeks.
I new i was preganat when i got my period and i was spotting. I just didnt want to admit it.
about 2 months after i got preganat i started fellig sick i had morring sickness nd it wasnt going away
so thats when it sunk in i was preganat.i texted my mother saying that i think i was pregant. she came in and was calm about it.
the next day she got me a test and sure enough it came out positive. everyone was really suportive about the baby. and for my boyfriend
who i had an off nd on relatioship for 3 years was very excited. through out my pregnacy i had no problem and my boyfriend gave me anything i wanted.
about two days before i had my baby i stared dialting i was 36 weeks prego and my doctoer didnt think much of it. the saturday of my baby shower i woke up with contrations i didt go to the hospital rite away i went to the baby shower nd then went to the hospital my water broke in the car.
i was fully dialated and ready to hav the baby. i had a beautiful baby girl named sophia who is now 5 moths old. being a teen mom is challaging but rewarding seeing all her mildstones. as for me and her dad we dont see as much of eachother only when he picks up her. having the baby really brought the true colors out in ppl. but my baby gave me sumthing to injoy in my life.

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