I'm A Mom, Not Another Statistic

I found out i was 6 months pregnant when I was 17 years old.
It was hard to digest that your pregnant when you only have 3 months left.
When I looked up at the ultra sound and saw a fully developed baby girl it was
the most out of body exsperiance. I couldn't believe that the baby on the screen
was mine. I knew I had to tell my parents that day, because I needed the prenatal care
and also how could I keep this little baby a secret? I told them that day and they were angry
at first and then they both cried. I felt so awful that my parents had to have a pregnant teen daughter.
I remember I sat in my room and just rubbed my belly and then she kicked. I couldn't believe
how much of an amazing exsperiance it was to feel a baby kick inside of you. I cried, but I was
smiling the whole time I cried.. I was so scared but somehow that little kick gave me the power
to get my act together. My family pressured adoption and I was really left without the choice.
But in the end, I stood up to my family and gave birth to my daughter on the 5th of July.
Everyone raves about how beautiful and sweet she is.
She means more to me then anything in the world and thinking about the struggle
I went threw to keep her I would do it again.
God surprised me with this beautiful creation and I will cherish this gift as her and I
grow together.
I love my daughter <3
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Hi! My name is Kristi and I work with the Dr. Phil Show. I would love to talk to you more about your story. If you are interested, please e-mail me at kristi.burns@cbsparamount.com.<br />
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Thanks!<br />
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Aww,sweet story! I'm 16 and I have alittle boy named John and he is almost 7 months!! Good luck with your baby girl <3