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my story really begins way back i was about 13 when i found out i was pregant my baby daddy was about 15 his name is chris well him and me have known each other for years and well he was my best friend i found out i was having a son i named him jase(jay-c-ss) ryan he was the love of my life but what kid aint to there mom. i moved up to SC and he moved up here with my one night when chris was bring jase back home to me after i got off of work....a drunk drive hit them and the car fliped chirs was fine but jace was killed it killed me i cryed and didnt come out of my room for weeks i just felt like dieing it took me a while to be ok with the fact but it still hurts me very much this year it will 3 years on oct 4 that he has died...........later on i fell in love with my now fiancee he is my everything and i love him so much last year him and me had a baby girl my mom was a little more happy about this one then she was with the last one i knew what i was doing and  what  i was getting my self into.....and my fianee is amazing and when we found out we were having a baby girl my mom told me she was pregent also she had a baby little girl will be a year old on oct 26 my family and my fiancee's family love her. im so happy and even tho i miss my son very much i got mybaby girl and chris is still very close with me and he loves my baby girl also oh i forgot her name is jacie(jay-cee) michelle. well there is my story if u have any questions go rite ahead and ask.
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im not a mother but there is no need to be rude

thanks everyone told me i was very strong and it was very nice with me and chris being so close! but just a coupleof weeks ago chris was killed and im trying to clope with that rite now! im still in shock and my fiancee is in iraq so thats does not help much! but thanks!

Im sorry about ur loss girl :( thats sad, but its a good thing u can still hold ur head high for ur little girl and that even though u and Chris lost ur guys baby that you guys are so close kind of helps with the coping. You are one strong mother, im not sure i could even do that!<br />
I miscarried before i got pregnant with this one and it killed me to even look at another baby!<br />
Congrats on Jacie and the engagement :)<br />
I like the similaritys in the names its a beatuiful name