My Life!!

when i was 16 i started using weed really heavy and started sleepin with one of my brothers best friends.. in feb 2010 i found out i was two mnths pregnant.. rite then i knew that i had to quit usin drugs for this beautiful creation. the hardest thing was telling my mom i thought i was pregnant i was so scared of what she would say plus she dont like my babys dad at all.. but to my surprise she was a lil upset wit me but told me she would support me in whatever my decision.. i told her there was no doubt that im keepin my child cuz its mine. my pregnancy felt like it took forever but when my baygirl came into this world i knew i was put here to make an impact on this beautiful babies life. honestly i wish i would have waited but i dont regret gettin pregnant at all.. her dads in and out of her life but i kno i cn do it alone i dnt need him hes 23 and very immature. honestly i only need my daughter noone else.. you never know wat true love is til you have a kid. I LOVE YOU SHENEE RAINE=]
sheneesmommy sheneesmommy
18-21, F
Apr 10, 2011