Love Being A Mommy :)

hey girls my little girl is 18 months now and i love her with everything she is my best friend and would never take her back
she was born 12/27/2009 best day of my life
i got prego at 16 and it was a whole shock i never thought that could happen to me be it is what it is
it was hard being in high school not being to go hang out with my friends and doing the things i normally did
and what other people would said was hard at first but i got over that real quick i found out who my real friend were
i love my baby she is amazing best thing i could ask for it sad that she is getting to be a big girl miss when she was little but watching her become who she is amzing :)
ProudTeenMommy1992 ProudTeenMommy1992
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 16, 2011

Hey! I'm 18 and I have twins who are about 1 month older than your daughter! They were born 11/30/09! And after you have kids young you really find out who your real friends are! Message me sometime!