My Son Gabe...

the day I turned 18 was the day I found out I was was  a nightmare I didnt tell anyone till I was almost 5 mos pregnant.....I broke up with my bf right afterwards however i recently tried to patch things up and right before we worked out all the details he dies......I am putting a few things up for my son so that he can have them after hes old enough to understand.  My son recently turned 4 and hes a ladys man...however he was born with genetic related hearing loss so severe he is almost deaf. 
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Well quick update on Gabe...He is doing well at school and trying to talk more.... He loves his sister and he fights with his brother! He is just and amazing little boy and I love him so much!

Gabe is acting at times just like his dad. I miss his dad more and more each day, not a day passes that I forget who he was or how much I truly loved him for me is was the one and I gave that up, rediscovered it 2 late. I will forever carry his name on my body as he is the one who lit up my world when I was down. Love and miss you....

I too was 18 when I had my daughter. I as well waited until I absolutely had to before telling anyone. The father, although alive, never wanted any part of the experience and was more than happy to sign off all rights. My parents were less than thrilled and didn't provide any support. Not a day has gone by that I have ever regretted my decision to keep my daughter. I knew that it was going to be tough (she too has had to deal with a number of health issues) and it has been. It is for everyone regardless. I believed that if I did my very best every day, set a good example, loved her every day and worked hard, that all will prevail. Today, my daugher is 25. She has has completed her education, owns her own condo and is about to be married to a really terrific guy. Not too shabby. As for me, I completed my education (that was very challenging), own a house, have been married for 24 years and also have a son that is measuring up just like his sister. Why I tell you this is to acknowledge you. The power is within you. No guy, not your parents or any agency is going to get you to that place. It sounds like you are on the right track, especially when you explain your son as a "ladies man" that means to me that he exibits confidence. We are given exactly what we need to develop the skills and strengths we need for our own path. Your son being deaf is part of his journey, having a mom like you must have some part in it. If he see you working hard, then I promise, he too will follow. There is no greater gift you can give him than the one of you demonstrating it and in turn he will know how to do it for himself. You know the old saying, "Lead by example." From one who knows.

I'm working on it.I'm finally out of my little spiral of further depression and it's getting better. My daughter is named after him. I just try so hard to make everything work and I hope my children have my ethic when it comes to work and how important it is to be yourself!