Knocked Up At 13

My name is Kristen and I am pregnant at 13. The father is the son of my parents friends. He's 3 years older than me. He's really handsome with a great body and we got carried away a couple weeks before Thanksgiving and had sex. It was my first time and I know this makes me a **** but I'm really scared. My older sister is 17 and she knows. She's kind of angry but she agreed to support me throughout my whole pregnancy. I guess thats one person I can count on.

My parents don't exactly know yet and I don't know how to tell them. I do know however that my mom will be very upset because I told her, "Mom, I feel kind of nauseous all the time." and she told me, "Someone's gonna think your pregnant, sweetie." and I'm like, "And what if the nurse calls you and says that she thinks I'm pregnant?" and she looked at me sharply and said, "Don't joke like that! Pregnancy is something that should happen after marriage!" My mom is really conservative so, yeah.

The father does know and said he'll support me through it all and said that it's kind of his fault, knowing my age and still doing what he did.

I am almost 2 months pregnant and I'm scared. Sometimes, I'll be in class and just want to throw up if my teacher or a classmate is eating or drinking something. Abortion's really not an option for me and I dont want to put my baby up for adoption.

I kind of already have names picked out, too, if that doesnt sound too cheesy.
Girl- Sophia Grace, Diana Katherine, Katherine Gillian
Boy- Tristan Noel, Adam Kyle, Gerard Michael

Can someone please give me advice on how to tell my parents?
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I'm not a teen parents, or a parent at all for that matter. I am how ever, more understanding then most, my mom had me as a teen. Me and my older brother, and I think with her being as young as she was having two boys, helped us grow right. (Mainly cause she was young enough to remember all the lies before we told them and called us on them. Can't fool mom)

If you can't deal with it than adoption IS the best answer.There are many women out there that would love to have a child but can't. It would be a real gift for them and the child.

i would just sit them down and say you need to talke them and tell and tell them it was not planed and your sorry for not waiting. If it helps have your older sister help them tell them

Congrats! :) I hope everything goes well for you :)

Congrats! :) I hope everything goes well for you :)

Aw sweetie all you can really do sadly is just tell her. The sooner the better. I was 17 when I got pregnant and now have 4 month old twins so if you need to talk just message me :)

Thank you :) I actually just gave birth to a baby girl last week.

I feel So sorry for those children<br />
Reading stories about being pregnant at 12/13:14. It's the age that we as race had children 700 years ago not in the 21st century

Sophia is a beautiful name for a girl :) I'm 14, and I'm 6 months pregnant, and I already love my baby dearly.

im pregnant to at 13, but my parents were understanding because i got raped by my moms bf and got pregnant.

I hope the rat b@st@rd went to jail

Heyy im 17 and pregnant and almost 7 weeks. I understand what your going through about the how to break the news to your parents i havent told mine yet either because my moms the same way but i got some advice that had really helped me so im going to tell it to you and maybe we can both get the courage to tell our parents. Even though its going to break our parents hearts we need to tell them as soon as we can because the longer we keep it the more upset they will be with us and we also want them to hear it from us and no one else. Pregnancy is a really scary thing no matter your age and you need people to be there for you and support you so the best thing to do is just tell them and everything will turn out okkaii. Im here for you if you would like to talk since we are both going through the same thing so you can message me anytime :)

Thank you. I'm almost 4 months pregnant. I just messaged you.

I got pregnant at 13, I am 14 now waiting on the arrival! It's not easy! They will probably be mad! But they will support you and love you anyways!

Have you told them yet?

Well you need to tell them ASAP, they may be mad at first but thats to be expected. No one wants their "baby" having a baby too early in life.

Just sit them down and tell them! Like ripping a band aid off! I got pregnant at 16, not as young as you but my sister got pregnant at 13! It was hard for me and her! You'll get through but it's beyond difficult! Wish you the best of luck! Stay strong!