I Am A Teen Mom

Hi my name is Ashleigh I was sixteen when I got pregnant with my daughter I was so scared I was not ready to be a mom I was still just a kid myself but when she arrived everything changed from the moment I looked at her I knew everything was going to change I never met someone who I ever thought I could love as much as I do my daughter The sleepless nights dirty diapers and everything has been worth it waking up every morning to her is the best thing that could have ever happened to me she changed me it has been hard I've had many ups and downs I dropped out of school to be with her all the time I put my dreams on hold for her I am now 20 and she is 3 and everyday I learn so much from her she has taught me more about myself and love and life than I could have ever taught myself I know how hard it is to be young and have a child when your not ready to grow up yourself I know what its like to stay at home and not be able to go out but most of all I know what its like to feel like your alone at times I'm here to help anyone with whatever they are going through
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She is a cutie :) I am 18 and my daughter is 4. I would love to talk :)