I Have Twins

hi i am jessie , i am 16 and i am the mother of 1 year old twins , at first it was super hard , but now i cant see life any different , waking up every day and seeing my handsome son and beautiful daughter its all i need . it may start out hard but seeing them happy and healthy i think it was worth the long nights and early mornings the diaper changes and bottle feedings and i have twins so its all that doubled . so glad i can share my joys of life with you 
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I'm very nerveous I just found out I'm pregnant my doctor told me a long time ago that I will most likely have twins every time I get pregnant. I'm 16 and the only person that knows is by best friend. T He guy who got me pregnant didn't seem like He would stay around and I'm afraid to tell him :( what do I do? How do I tell my mom and dad

which one of your parents are u closer too , tell that one first and most likely that one will tell the other , , If you think he will tick around , tell him infront your parents , . not alone because we dont need him denying it .

wow I couldn't imagine having twins! I think 1 is difficult. I'm 18 and have an almost 7 month old daughter

Hey! IM 18 and I have a son, hunter! I would love to talk :)