15, Alone, & Pregnant...

When I was 15, I got pregnant. It was the first time I had sex, just my luck. I cant say that I regret getting pregnant, because I will never say that my child is a mistake. I love her with all my heart, but it was hard. When my parents found out about it, I was kicked out of the house. I went to a women shelter. I have to say that at that point I felt like I was completely alone, which I was. I made the best of it though. I knew what I had to do to make a life for me and my baby. I had gotten a job and was living on my own with the help of a program for teenage mothers. The father of the child left me, told me that there was no way that the baby was his because he used a condom. I didnt argue with him, my baby didnt need that in their life anyways. I struggled threw my whole pregnancy, trying to get everything the baby need, but I did it. I knew there was other options out there for me, abortion or adoption. I dont believe in abortion, but that is my beliefs I dont judge people on what they decide is right or wrong. I just knew that I couldnt do it. Adoption was something a thought about alot, but I couldnt picture myself handing my baby over to someone else. I fought for my baby. We made it thru. Three years later, we are happy , living on our own with no help from the goverment. I have a job that pays enough for me to support us, and I now am attending night classes at the local college. Everytime things get hard, I remember how hard it was back then and since I made it thru that, I can make it thru anything. Everything that happened to me, only made into a better person.
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Hey I'm a teen mom too. I for pregnant at 13 by my boyfriend and had Aniel. Now I'm 16 and I know what all you have gone through as my mom threw me out of her home and then I lived with my new boyfriend who was supportive. When the father of my daughter knew I was pregnant he broke up with me but after our daughter turned 1 we started dating again. Now we live happily in our apartment.

Well done! I also became a mum at 15 and was disowned by my parents. It can feel very lonely but know that you have sisters in the same spot. You weren't the first, you wont be the last. Do what you can to make a difference for other young mums

God bless!! You did it, you go girl.

how are you?...wanna chat on yahoo sometime? daytimepm69 is mine

What a creep!

Hey god bless you girl! Lovee is the strongest quality a woman can have. Keep love in your heart forever and you'll always make it, all because of your good emotions!

Hey, i was a 15 year old mom too. My dad kicked me out , his family abandoned me and i went to live with the mom i barely knew. Now my son is 17 months old, im 17 , and we're doing alright. He's happy and healthy, im finishing school , and my relationship with my mom is great. I'm glad to here that you guys were able to get out on your own so soon.

Holy cow! Can I kick your parents in the aaaassses??!!
Anyways....this is amazing. You're beautiful inside and out, strong willed and determined.
In a few years your daughter will look back at ya and realize how lucky she is to have a mom like you.

This is awesome :-)

Wow! you've really been thru alot. ): im pregnant too and im only 16.. i sometimes feel like i want to give up on everything

Don't give up, if I can do it.. you can too.

Its hard, but giving up is not an option any more. You just have to keep going

That's amazing. I'm pregnant and I hope I can make it too.

I admire your commitment to your daughter and how you stayed focused on what needed to be done even when others chose not to in her life. Best of wishes to you both and to your studies in the classes, hope to keep hearing/reading more good things (=

So inspirational. I just had my daughter in September and I am 15. It is so hard staying in school and raising a baby.

You will get there. Its easier with support. If your family is not supportive, reach out to teen mum groups, womens groups, teachers, friends etc. sometimes you get so tired in the beginning, but it will get easier

wow what can I say being a parent myself I know how hard it is normally but young and on your own you have my heartfelt respect .I am so sorry your parents deserted you in your time of need .If you ever need a shoulder or just to chat or advice .I have msn and yahoo .You are an example to us all good luck and hope your life gives you all your dreams and more, you have been so strong stay strong girl .

I'm about to cry. I think this is the best thing I've read in a while. I'm so proud of you and really look up to you for that. If you can do it, anyone can do it! Your little girl is going to be so proud of you when she gets older. God bless!

great job getting life back on track

Very proud of you. Especially because you don't think your child is a mistake. I'm sorry that your parents didn't support you but you made it thru & that matters. <br />
God bless you <3

Girls like you give me hope that one day i will be able to stand on my own 2 feet and even if you had you baby dad whats the point there a pain in the *** i live with baby dad mother and i live in hell every day i struggle with the constant harassment of how to raise my son and if i just try to give my opinion she talk **** to me and my baby dad doesn't back me up he just tell me shut up before i call INS he already called the cops on my family so i live if fear every day but luckily iam almost done with high school so i can go to college but for now i still hoping....

Wow so good of u and im so happy for u....

you girl!!

congrats.........it could have been me with the way i way going a few years ago. but i am happy you have her and think of her when the time gets stressful:)

way to go girl!!

Good for you!

you r an inspiration to teen moms. u r definitally the most successful mom ever!

Happy to read that you are doing well. Cudo's to you on not telling your child that she was a mistake. I wish my Mom hadn't told me that she wished that my Father had learned to keep it in his pants.

:) I was raped and pregnant at age 14, and it was really tough. Though, my family supported me, so I had that. I'm sorry yours weren't willing to support you, but Im glad to see you're doing great :)

I am proud of you!!! I can't say so much but just proud of you!! I feel like crying and understand how you feel ;(