New Mom! Advice?

Hey everyone, my name is Kate and I am a new teen mom. Long story short, I was 16 and foolish. My parents went away on vacation, so my brother being 20 threw a huge party at our house, I invited a few friends over and we all got drunk. There was my brothers best friend Rob whom I have known my entire life, we were hanging out, both really drunk and things just escelated from there and we ended up having sex and my birth control failed me. I am not a perfect child, but I am not horrible either, I drank on occasion, never did drugs, had a boyfriend who I at that point had just broken up with a few weeks prior, so this news came as a shock to everyone, including myself. I honestly do not even remember how it all happened at all, I just know it happened and so did Robert when I asked him about it. When I told Rob he being 21 was fresh out of university just starting a career last thing he wanted was a kid but he said he would support whatever descion I would make. My parents were pissed but more at my brother then me, which was odd, but they were. They needed someone to blame and that was him. So he was pissed at Rob, and it all went on everyone found out and I was not once held responsible for my own actions. Anyway as my pregnancy went on I finally made the choice to keep my baby, thats when things got serious. I was/am only a junior so school needed to be worked out, and so did mine and Rob's so called "relationship". We never had feelings for one another and did not want to push them, so we chose to stick as friends for now. We moved in together, and got everything ready for our new baby. We had baby Heston March 30th, 2012. He is now almost 6 weeks. We are living together as good friends raising a baby. Its really hard! We dont get along all that great at all but we both want to be there for Heston 24/7. My family does not agree with things I am doing as a parents, they dont agree with me living with Rob its just been SO difficult to figure everything out. I am turned to this website to see if others are in similar situations as me. As well as if anyone has any support for breastfeeding, bed sharing and clothing diapering! I am trying my best to do all 3 of these but all of my family members with kids do the opposite so I have little support! Any advice is accepted! thank you!
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I was never able to breastfeed, it was devastating to realize that so all 3 of my children slept with me at some point in their young lives it has been amazing feeling all their little movements in their sleep, just watching them grow is also another blessing. It has been hard on me because the kids just have me, but anymore I wouldn't have it any other way. I think it's great that you and the dad are trying to make things work so you are both fully involved in that child's life. It is something that I regret with my son's dad a lot and just as we were making things work tragedy struck. That changed my life forever and it will never be the same however I have his legacy looking at me each and every day. Sometimes it makes me cry or laugh or both at the same time but in my heart it's worth it.