Pregnant At 15

When i was 15 i got a job where i met my boyfriend.
He was my best friend. We would hang out every day and eventually started dating.

I found out i was pregnant 4 months into our relationship. He said he would support me through the whole thing. He then quit my job for me and quit his job too!

His mother was there when i took the test and she didnt seem to mind at all. I didnt want to tell my parents until i was over the 3 month mark but in the end his mother called my mother to talk when i was in the next room. My mum started crying and went home to tell my dad. when she later came to pick me up they said i had no choice but to get an abortion.

That infuriated me. It was my life, my baby, my decision!
The more they tried to push me towards abortion the more i refused.
So i moved in with my boyfriends family (he was 16).
My boyfriend became overly controlling and started to be abusive. when he finally got a job i packed my stuff and left.

My parents then pushed towards adoption and took me to see several social workers.

My baby was 36weeks when he was born. He spent the first 2 weeks in hospital.
My mother later sat me down and wanted to make sure this was what i wanted and she didnt want me to blame her if i gave my baby away and that she would support me no matter what my decision was. So i chose to keep my baby as i couldnt give him away. Then she flipped out and carried on about how this is a mistake and everything even though moments before she just said she would support me.

Anyways i gave birth to my baby boy 2 months after i turned 16. When i was 17 i moved to a different country on my own. I got back together with my babys daddy but within 2 months of living with me he lost his job again and didnt work again for 2 years! He became more abusive within the first 3 months and he knew he had to change or lose me and my baby forever as he had already missed his first year.

Im now 20 and my baby boy will be turning 4 next month!
My parents still hate my boyfriend after all this time. I've moved 4 hours away from my family, friends and everybody i know.
I love my baby more than anything in the world 
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May 14, 2012