Best Day Of My Life

My baby girl is 3 months today! Time is flying by, Feels like only yesterday I gave birth to her. I want to share my birthing story with ya'll:) I had a high risk pregnancy and was going to the doctor to have ultrasounds and check up's twice a week. It was Thursday Febuary 16th and I had yet another appointment, I didn't expect much to happen, I had so many false alarms that I wasn't expecting my baby to come until my induction date on the 22nd. I had my ultrasound and everything was normal, I went to have my prenantal check up( They were watching me for Preeclampsia) I told them I had a headache that just wouldn't go away. I was taking Tylenol around the clock and it was just impossible to get rid of. They send in another doctor and she takes one look at me and said I was getting induced right now. She said I was too swollen and the protien in my urine was too high. I look at my husband and then back at the doctor and I was like " You mean today??" Of all days I didn't come prepared. They put me in a wheel chair and took me to maternity admissions to start my paper work. My husband started making all the phone calls. I was sooo excited. I get into my room and the nurse puts my IV in and I was wincing at the pain. All I could think was you are about to give birth and you are complaining about an IV?? They started me on a sailen drip..And then put in a pill to help me dialate, Well after that didn't work the started the Pitocin through my IV. My contractions got stronger but nothing I couldn't handle. I was laughing and talking to my mom and husband. My husband got up and I don't know why but tried to kick the curtain and almost fell on his butt, I about died laughing...That was my last laugh of the night. I had only dialated to a one and a half when I woke up from a nap and the nurse asked if I wanted to use this newer method, Some ballon thing to speed up the process. I agreed. Well I fell asleep and when I woke up I was pissed. That ballon hurt like a...I don't know what. I went to the bathroom and heard something pop. I just knew the ballon pop in me haha. I told the nurse and she insured me it was nothing. Ha it was my water, It broke. My contractions were unbearable at this point. I was trying not to get an epidural. I was trying to use the bathroom, Kept insisting I had to take a crap but the nurse told me I didn't. I asked for the epidural and it was technically too late but the nurse didn't say anything and let me get it. I was eight centimeters. Turns out when I was 'using the bathroom' I was pushing. I pushed twice and they told me to stop. So I did, But my baby came out all on her own:) She was born at 4:32 am on Febuary 17th She was 6 pounds even and 18 inches long. Just beautiful. Her name is Emmalee Savannah. I wish I could relive this day. It was the best day of my life.
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Aww sweet story (: The day my daughter Bella was born was a little hectic but the best day of my life and she means the world to me! I'm Emily btw I'm 18 and my daughter Bella is one. Message me sometime! (: