Just A Little Catch Up

So its been a while since i was online and a lot has been happening in my life. My boyfriend and i have moved in together in an appartment our parents bought for us. Im still attending school and plan on graduating next year. My boyfriend and i both got jobs and are really excited about being parents. We know we are young and we are a little scared but we have our family and friends with us every step of the way. A while back we were told were having a boy but just a few weeks ago we learnt its twin girls :) another thing in my life thats been hard to get through is the death of my best friend who passed away last month. She was my biggest support system besides my boyfriend and i miss her so incredably much i plan on naming one of my daughters after her :) her younger sister is thirteen and currently 5 weeks pregnant im going to help and support her the way her sister supported me because i know if she were still here she would also look out for her sister.
Alwaysandforever2308 Alwaysandforever2308
18-21, F
May 22, 2012