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Hii my name is Katrina, im 15 a dancer a skater a gymnist and now pregnant! Last month my bestfriend who is a guy and i decided to have sex. We grew up together from the time we were born and have been best friends since. Everyone at school was doing it and we didnt understand why so one night i was at his house and we decided we should be eachothers firsts because we are so comfortable together so without planning on it we ended up doing it that night. Yes it was unprotected but i took plan be the following day! Clearly it did not work because two weeks ago i took a hpt and it was positive! I couldnt believe it i was so scared i made an appointment with my older cousin and we found out im 5 weeks. I havent told a single person yet im so scared im only 15 and im not sure im ready for a baby. I do not believe in abortion but there is always adoption but at the same time i want to keep it but i still have time for that what i dont have time for is how do i tell people!!? Im scared and have no clue on what to say to my parents or the father please help!!
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I was once in the same position as you, of course i wasnt 15 but i still was scared and didnt know who to tell i was also in a ton of sports. The first person i told was my boyfriend then from there my friends. My oarents were the last to know. They were angry but got over it quickly. If you have any questions or would just like to talk you can message me :)

You're only 15 so I'd tell you bestfriend first then your mom or dad. You have solutions abortion, adoption, or keeping it. I'm against the first two but remember that it's my opinion. Don't let anyone talk down to you (at least your parents) if they tell you to get rid of it, you're so young. It's YOUR baby and you should be the person to choose if you want to go the path of keeping or giving it away because it will be hurting you or helping you not anyone else. Keep your head up, and remember don't wait to long because it'll only get harder and harder as time goes by. Good luck with your situation and I hope for the best (:

I would say the first person to tell would be the father. He may be able to help you tell your family or come up with a way to tell them. My boyfriend was the first to know. I was also 15 when i got pregnant. I told my boyfriend as soon as i missed my period and he was outside of the bathroom when i took the test so he knew right away. I was so scared to tell my family. Basically, i texted my sister and said i Thought i was pregnant even though i Knew i was. Then, i called my mom and she told everyone else. You should definately message me any other questions you have, i would love to help!(:

Omg. I just read your comment, and im in the exact same situation. can u help me. I'm 18, pregnant, and Idk what to do

Message me. Ill try to help the best i can!