James's Daughter Moving In!

Well guys, guess what bomb was dropped on me! James daughter from a previous gf is moving in with us. He hasn't seen his daughter in 3 years. His ex gf broke up with him then never let him see her regularly.8 months after that his ex gf died in a car accident and Haylee (his 3 year old daughter) moved in with her grandma. Now her grandma has been hospitalized and long story short Haylee is moving into our home! I have no problem with her moving in but I'm nervous about it also. I guess I'm just kind of confused about what role I will now be playing in her life. This will be a big transition for Haylee considering she is moving in with people who are pretty much strangers. I feel extremely overwhelmed right now. But I know she needs a home and being with her father will be a good thing for her. Also Kayla (my daughter) will have someone similar to her age for once around the house. James is flying out to SC tmrw to pick her up.Wish my family and I luck!
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How old is Kayla?

1 on July 3rd.

Well, when I was two my dad found out he had a six year old daughter Maggie from a summer fling, and her mother died of cancer. At first she felt odd, but what we did was we made her favorite dinner, and we would have fun game nights, and after a month she was fine.