Took Kaedyn For His First Quad Ride!

A few friends, my boyfriend Derrek and I all took Kaedyn for his first quad ride today! It was the sweetest thing ever! He had so much fun clapping his hands and smiling and giggling away! He looked so cute in his little helmet, i cant wait to take him again! When we stopped to have a break he started to cry thats how much fun he was having, so Derrek took him for a little longer burn around the feild. It was so sweet seeing my two boys together like that it made me tear up! I am so thankful i found a man that loves my son as much as his father would! Makes me so proud :) Now the three of us are having supper and a movie night! Of course the movies are children ones for Kaedyn lol im thinking fox and the hound to start it off haha i love that movie :)
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1 Response Jul 4, 2012

aww glad you guys had fun!! And that now you get to have a nice peaceful evening together <3<br />
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Lots of Love!