The Love Of My Life Calls Me Mommy :)

Hello my name is Ashley I am a single mother of a beautiful baby girl named Chloe she will be two in October :) when I first found out I was pregnant I was scared to death, I was still with her father at the time and I was 17 in highschool playing basketball. I finished my basketball season suspecting I was pregnant and I was in an abusive relationship the only reason I stayed with him is because he would threaten to tell my coach and my parents which I wasn't ready to do, after basketball season ended I told my mom she was very upset with me but accepted it I then left her father andhe sent threats to me and my unborn child it was very hard for me I went And got a restraining order against him, after all that everything calmed down I had a great pregnancy and then October 4 2010 I was induced at 7 pm and after hours of labor on October 5th 2010 at 12:59pm weighing 8lbs 2ozs Chloe Jo came into this world, it was love at first sight. Only 4 weeks after she was born I returen to school for my first day of basketball for mysenior year and breastfed her for 16 months! and graduated :) it was very hard for me but I did it looking back I don't know where I'd be wthout her, even though her father chooses not to partake in her life we are doing just fine without him, maybe one day I will meet at guy that's not only good to me but good to her and good enough for her. She is my everything and that will never change, mommy loves you baby girl! :)
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Yes it was very tough but i loved every min of it! :)

That's hideous that he was threatening you while you were pregnant :( But at least you came out strong and you sound like a wonderful mother to your baby girl :) I'm Charlotte and I'm 18 with a 4 year old daughter named Clary. Getting through school while playing sports is tough right?? I did the same thing, all through high school lmao. But it was worth it <3