Was A Teen Mama

Hello Ladies, My name is Amy and i was a teen mother just like all of you. I had my first child when i was only 16. I was only dating my boyfriend for six months when we found out i was 8 weeks along. It was scary! I remember we were both to afraid to tell anyone but of course we had to. Being pregnant and a teen was a deffinate struggle but once little Payton was born it became more of a struggle. I stayed in school because i wanted to make the best out of my situation and give my daughter a great life. I was in grade 12 and though "Yay, this is it! I made it!" but little did i know my boyfriend and I were expecting our second child. Payton was only 2 so she still needed A TON of attention. We had no clue how we were going to raise two kids and finish our last year of high school. As the months went on we learnt i was having twins. By that time we were really freaking out! It was still the first semester and i was due in 3 months! I ended up having my babies at 26 weeks. They were so tiny and all i did was pray. 1 boy 1 girl. So very tiny and fragile. They stayed in the NICU for a good portion of three months. Finally when time was just coming to bring them home, my little boy Mason passed away. He was just two tiny. It was devistating. I was only 18. My boyfriend and I went into depression but got help right away. With only a few months of school left i went back to do my second semester and Carl stayed at home with Payton and Morgan. We were living at my parents so it was pretty crowded but after i graduated Carl and I got engaged and got a place of our own. Today we are married and have three beautiful kids. Payton who is 9, Morgan who is 7 and Nathanial who is 2. Im 25 and recently just graduated from college. Carl is 24 and is currently going to school to become a Mechanic. Things have all turned out pretty well. Being teen parents was beyond hard! It takes such an abundence of strength and all you young ladies have it. Just remember that no matter how hard life may seem right now, it gets better and your babies are all worth it. I went through went you are all going through right now and if i learnt anything its that we are much much stronger then any other parents. So keep those chins up and give it your best!

If any of you have any questions or would just like to talk i am here for you. :) Goodluck to you and your babies.
AmyHouska AmyHouska
22-25, F
Aug 29, 2012