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Soo I really don't have a story. I am 17 years old and I am 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl named Cloe.
She was conceived on prom night.
I went to prom with one of my exes and we had had sex before but we were still close friends, after prom we went back to his house and one of his friends came over. Me and his friend were both really bored so we decided we would have sex... in his mom's car.. Well on May 6th i took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant. I thought my life was over. I thought my mom would kick me out or disown me but she is supporting me. The dad is kind of being a jerk but he wants to pick her middle name and Im just not okay with that..
Soo that's my story..
Just awaiting the arrival of my baby girl.
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I don't want to sound rude or anything, but you had sex with 2 different guys in one night? Are you sure of who the father is?

not sure what she is meaning, i read it twice but i think she just means like her & her ex had had sex previously but were still friends so they went to prom together then later that night his friend and her had sex. i had to read it twice also but i'm thinking that's what she is meaning? i could be wrong.

I am reading it as her and her ex had sex before prom and then after prom she had sex with her exes friend. but you could also be right idk.

Yea rudy727 thats correct. I didnt want to sound like a big *****.. 2 guys in a one night would be crazy