Its Been Awhile!

Hey there momma's!

I have not posted on here in a long time so I figured I would reintroduce myself and then give an update on my little man.

So for those who do not know me... My name is Brandy... I am 19 years old and I gave birth to a miracle baby. My son Gavin Wyatt was born on June 23, 2012 at 27 weeks gestation. He weighted 2 pounds 7 ounces and quickly dropped to 2 pounds 1 ounce after only a few hours. He was having a rough time with major Bradycardia and Apnea episodes and then one day we almost lost him and he had to be transferred to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia... where he has been for 2 and a half months now. He was intubated and had many other problems but fought through them like a champ. Gavin had to spend a few weeks under Bilirubin lights, received 3 blood transfusions and had to have a feeding tube placed in his duodenum because he was having tummy problems. Gavin was showing that he had some white brain matter because of his traumatic event at his first hospital but that has miraculously regenerated itself.. :)

Now.... Gavin is now off of all oxygen. He has no more support with his breathing and has been doing amazing. Only a few Bradycardia episodes but he is getting better at fixing those himself but He finally got out of this isollette and is now in a crib :) yay! After 2 months of dealing with his body temperature always dropping super low. Gavin is still very skinny... but he gets that from his daddy. He weighs 4 pounds 10 ounces and is 18 inches long. He no longer fits preemie clothes length wise because he is so long.. so he is in newborns which are a little bit big on him right now because he is not yet the size of a new born baby. Which is almost double his weight from birth. They are weaning him back on to gastro (stomach) feeds so we can work on getting him feeding from a bottle as soon as all his feeds are gastro and he is such a good boy. He loves when mommy and daddy come to visit because he loves being held. He puts his arms up as if to say Mommy and daddy pick me up. His Physical therapist has gotten his head to be round again :) and has got him sucking on a pacifier... he is addicted to them now. The sucking of the pacifier shows that we will be pretty successful at sucking on a bottle. Everything is moving along and we are so excited to get him home. Hopefully within the next few weeks we will have a baby home with us.

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I am not a teen mom but my sister was and I admire all the trials and work you all go through. She had a preemie also but not as small as yours. I just want to wish you the best of luck and congrats on your baby boy :)

Awh thank you so much! That means a lot!

Anytime! :) I think I grew more respect for my sister after she had her daughter due to the fact of everything you guys go through! I wish the best for your son an hope you get to bring him home soon!

Yeah I feel like my parents gained more respect for me once I had Gavin because him being premature meant I had a lot of responsibility coming my way! Thanks again!

that is great that he is doing a lot better! :) my son had breathing problems when he was born and had to be on a machine. hopefully he is home with you guys. i didn't understand most of those terms lol but i think that is normal...he sounds like a tough little guy:)

Awh. Thanks. Sometimes I dont understand the terms either but I google them! Everything he has is pretty normal and he is doing good! He is a really tough little man, very strong and stubborn!