Question For Moms Who Have Separated From There Kids Dad

Hey guys so Im having a bit of a tough time right now. My sons dad and Me have been a couple for just over 5 years. Almost a year and a half ago I found out he had been cheating with his ex girlfriend long story I have a story written about it I don't know if you guys can see that on my page but thats the whole back story ... Any ways so since all of that happened I've really done my best to make things work but it just seems like our pieces don't fit anymore. Im more and more leaning towards a divorce but Im having a tough time for my son. I really am one of those believers that you only get married once but at the same time I think if you start bringing out the worst in each other its time to go. We argue and when I tell him we should separate he cries and says that he doesn't want a divorce. But if you didn't want a divorce why do you keep being a knucklehead... Im not sure if Im just venting or asking a question? Well is there anyone else on here that made the decision to leave there kids father and might have some advice for me?
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<p>I'm no longer with the father of my child, and I have to say it's for the best at this point. We weren't happy with each other, we were always fighting, and while I tried to keep my daughter from seeing the fighting the tension was so obvious. Even though she was a baby she certainly caught on to it and was always a lot more fussy and stuff whenever she sensed the tension between us. While I'm sad my daughter has to spend her life with spilt parents I feel like she would have resented us down the road when she was older because of how unhappy her dad and I were as a couple. We're friends now, and can remain civil for the ten-fifteen mins it takes to drop her off/pick her up. Sorry this is kind of a rant, but I hope it helps!</P>

At some point you have to ask yourself, is it actually hurting my child being with this person? Because kids know when you're unhappy and all that fighting is bad for them :(